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Wings of Light consists of several support networks:

Survivors: individuals involved in an aircraft accident. (click here to apply)

Family and Friends (general aviation and crew members): family members and friends of those involved in a general aviation accident and family or friends of commercial aviation crew members killed. (click here to apply)

Family and Friends (airline passengers): family members and friends of those passengers killed in an airline crash. (click here to apply)

Rescue/Response Personnel: anyone who responds to or investigates an aircraft crash. (click here to apply)

Individuals should apply online or request an application form be sent to
them. Applications are requested so individuals can be verified and media
and legal solicitations of victims are avoided. Once an individual applies
for participation on one of the support networks, they have access to contact information for others in that specific network, information on the investigative procedure and grief/trauma resources and referral information to grief and trauma counselors nationwide.

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