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Memories of John Millington

I knew John in a different context. He was my "baby" brother and frequently a classic pain, but I loved him very much and miss him deeply.
  - Claire Dana
I've known John since 1992. He was one of my dearest friends. I was very happy to work with him to help create the very first WOL website many years ago when we worked together at a small aviation software company in Pennsylvania. I was shocked to hear about his death at such an early age. We shared a deep, deep love of aviation and John was as much an older brother to me than my own brothers. We always stayed in touch even though we were at opposite ends of the country for the last 6 years. I will always deeply miss him, his kindness, and his sense of humor. We who knew him will always a little better.
  - Eric C Richardson
Wings of Light Inc Hello My name is Alysia Palmere. I am one of the many friends of John Millington, I first want to say how wonderful this website is and the honor you are giving John is beautiful.
Wings of Light Inc
My husband who is an airline pilot along with our friends and fellow pilots are establishing a scholarship in Johns name at Marywood College in Scranton, PA. John was a major influence in getting the aviation program started at Marywood along with inspiring many men and women.
Wings of Light Inc
I'm writing to you to ask if it would be possible to use the photograph you have of John on your website? It will be used on the letters and pledges that will be mailed out through the University to interested donors. I will gladly send you copies of the mailings and give credit where the credit is due. We have all agreed that this picture of him captures that great smile of his that we all love and miss greatly.
  - Alysia Palmere
I just heard the news today. I friend of mine also recently found out about John. I worked with John for 5 years in Wilkes-Barre, at Flight Data Centers. John was the most honest, caring person I have ever met. One time, when we returning home on a trip from the south on a small airplane, I brought defect to his attention that the pilot missed in his pre-flight. I mentioned it to the pilot but the pilot shrugged me away. I told John, and he made sure the plane was fixed before we took off. I honestly believe he saved my life. Thanks John.
  - Tony Thornton
I just found out today that John has passed and I am overwhelmed with sadness. I worked with John when he ran the Aviation department up at Tech Aviation in Scranton Pa. The last time I had spoken with John was a month before he died and it wasn't like us to have gone this long without talking. I was talking about trying to find his number again and my co-worker said he had passed a couple of years ago. I did my 'google' search hoping he was wrong. John had inspired me. His goodness was uplifting. I had talked to John every day for almost two years and when he decided to move to Georgia I was sad that he was going, but happy that he was pursuing a new venture. I am so sad for John's family & friends over their loss, but I am happy to have found this page dedicated to his memory. I will never forget John Millington - an inspiration. Thanks, Kelly
  - Kelly Ferraro
John, to me, was a mentor, teacher and friend. When I was a teenager, he talked to me like an adult. He patiently taugh ground school, and put up with this silly class clown that was always interrupting him (me). After I moved away, I would always make a special stop to see John on my visits home. Seeing him always made me smile. I got the news when I was away training with the Air Force, learning how to fix planes. Now, everytime I touch one of the magnificant jets that I work on, I think of John and know that he's proud of what I became. John, I miss you and wish I could show you around my jet.
  - Georgia Wuorio

Those wishing to express words of sympathy or fond memories of John Millington may submit them here where they will be compiled and a special memorial page to John will be created.

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