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The following individuals, organizations and companies help support Wings of Light. We are deeply grateful for their support. Thank You.

Affiliate Sponsors
Flying Funeral Directors Association

2007 Contributors
Capt. George A. Burk, USAF
Sandra K. Gaither
Frank Del Gandio
Jeanne Gardner in memory of Gilbert Armbruster
C. Paul Heins, III in memory of Conrad P. Heins, Jr.
Jeffrey Josefson in memory of Pauline Josefson
Toni Ketchell
Ed Naperski, Jr. in memory of Bernard Kachinko Sr. & John Millington
Dr. Harry Robertson
Barbara Schischa in memory of Erwin & Gary Schischa
Jessica D. Shetler in memory of Capt. Eric P. Balcom

2006 Contributors
Janet Annest
Beth Ann Deininger (in memory of John Millington)
Frank Del Gandio
Teri Dervenis
Kay Drake (in memory of Randy Drake)
Executive Fliteways (in memory of John Millington)
C. Paul Heins, III
Jeff Josefson (in memory of Pauline Josefson)
Brock C. Kartes
T. Ketchell
Kori La Farque
W. Arthur Lincourt & Associates, Inc. (in memory of John Millington)
Lorri Mathias
Ken Peppard (in memory of John Millington)
Ruth L. Pettinger (in memory of John Millington)
Tanya Hill Risley
Dr. S. Harry Robertson
Clara Sweeten
Tech Aviation Services Inc. (Niagara Falls, NY) (in memory of John Millington)

In-Kind Contributions
Kathleen M.P. Drake (Kay)
National Funeral Directors Association
World Airshow News Magazine
Andrea Waas
Dave Yelen

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