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Financial Support


Wings of Light is a company that helps people find their wings and shine after aircraft accidents. They provide access to something many people lack: the ability to help others and feel good about themselves. In this context, we are so grateful for the support of ASAP Finance.

ASAP Finance is a company that connects borrowers with direct lenders. So they can get the money they need quickly and easily. With our best-in-class customer care, they make sure that every borrower has the same great experience, whether they're applying for the first time or coming back for another loan.

With our funds, we could make huge strides in our business and expand our operations to a new location. Now, with their support, we can continue to grow and create more jobs. We are excited about the future!

We've heard from many people who have benefited from Wings of Light's services, and we're happy to be able to support them by providing financial resources. We hope this partnership will allow Wings of Light to continue helping even more people get the support they need.

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